Create a Quality Open Water Swim Event Website

Today we launch Eventson, an open water swim event website designed to lift the presence of your next open water swim.

Eventson Open Water Swim Event Website
Eventson is a new Swimfari product that takes the pain out of setting up an event website.

Having competed in many open water swims over the years, myself and many fellow competitors have noticed there’s a lack of ‘brand awareness’ from the numerous open water swims available.

Many life saving clubs still neglect the importance of properly promoting their event to attract more competitors.

Considering it’s one of your major fundraising events of the year, with fierce competition from plenty of other clubs, it has become even more critical to get your event noticed.

A lot of clubs bury their events on their club site, making it difficult to find or distinguish them in search results. Finding event information also varies wildly. Some events don’t provide enough details, others too much and information poorly organised.

That’s why we created the Eventson Premium website package.

Premium in features but not in price

Not only have we created a beautifully designed template, ready for you to update with your club colours, contents and images, but we also include domain name registration, 12 months of secure hosting with up to 5 email accounts, site optimisation, Google Analytics and site maintenance.

But our club lacks the skills to set up a website

We hear you. With Eventson Premium you get a fully installed, mobile-friendly website that can be easily customised.

Here’s what we do to get you started:

  • We register your unique domain name (eg.
  • create a cPanel hosting account
  • create up to five custom email accounts
  • install your premium WordPress theme
  • create site users so you can customise your site; and
  • integrate your social media accounts to extend your reach and drive traffic back to your site.

Your Eventson installation also comes with an introductory product tour, comprehensive documentation as well as 3 months setup support. We also offer more premium support if you prefer us to help customise or add more functionality to your site.

Head to the Demo Site and try it out for yourself.

After you finished your customisation we go in and tidy things up, improve site performance including setting up standard SEO, optimise your images and setup Google Analytics so you can track how your site performs over time.

Click the image above and check out the site layout and design on our demo site

Make your open water swim event website work harder

The best way to maximise your website’s effectiveness is to make use of the blog feature. Google loves fresh content and by writing regular blog posts you’re keeping competitors informed as well as improving your search result ranking.

Using the blog feature you can:

  • provide event changes and updates
  • promote special guests
  • highlight or thank your sponsors
  • provide early registration incentives and discounts
  • run prize give-aways

Eventson comes with a blog feature already set up.

And of course, now that your site is up why not check and update your listing on We’ve written a helpful guide to Creating an Effective Swimfari Listing that you can also apply to your website.

Don’t yet have a listing? You can add one here.

Is your open water swim event website getting lost on your club site?

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